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What Do We Put in Our Delicious High 5 Fiber Bread?

If you've been looking at our delicious range of breads and have come across the always tasty High 5 Fiber bread, you've likely wondered why it includes so many seeds. If you're new to the benefits of seeds, Great Harvest Bozeman has...

Vegetarianism Made Easy With Great Harvest Bozeman Menu Items

So you have decided to take that oh so daring step into being vegetarian. Well we salute you for taking the plunge! That is why we here at Great Harvest Bozeman would like to welcome you by introducing you to a few of our exciting...

Tasty Running Fuel

It is well know among runners that the delicious aroma of a white loaf of bread cooking in the oven can be hard to resist as you run past the bakery in the morning, however the same does not apply to whole grain bread in Bozeman from Great Harvest Bozeman - there's no...

Easily Take Care of Your Catering Needs

If you've been put in charge of catering the next event and you aren't sure how you're going to pull it off - keep reading. With so many delicious sandwich options available, Great Harvest Bozeman has some great ideas to get your started.

What Do They Want?


Whole Grain Bread - Not Just Delicious!

If you have visited your local bakery lately you may have noticed an increase in the amount of people buying whole grain breads. With so many health benefits and a delicious taste,  Great Harvest Bozeman has a few ways you can incorporate whole grains into...

Keep Your Kids Bellies Full When They Need It

Your kids are great at many things, in particular, creating adventures. While there isn’t much you can do to make sure your child isn’t getting dirty in the mud, there are ways that you can easily keep their bellies full and their energy levels high...

Unique and Delicious Gift Baskets

When we think about gifts, gift baskets spring to mind straight away. Pack a few select  items into a nice basket and you have yourself a gift. In addition to baking the freshest bread in BozemanGreat Harvest in Bozeman has some ideas on putting a unique (and...

Tasty Treats Start With Fresh Bread in Bread in Bozeman

In this post, Great Harvest in Bozeman, will show you an easy way to put an extra spin on French Toast. This recipe works perfectly for Sunday mornings due to its ease of preparation and it's delicious taste for both children and adults. All...

Recipe for Making Raspberry Popsicles

Finding ways to cool down during a summer heat wave can be tough. Most refreshing summer treats tend to be made of unhealthy ingredients and may not be the best for your health. Instead of buying store bought products, why not learn to make your own...
Summer is just around the corner and grilling a burger while enjoying the nice weather with your friends and family is one of the activities you can't miss. For this reason at Great Harvest in Bozeman, we created the following post containing useful advice on making the perfect burger. 


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