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Easter is quickly approaching and soon there will be feasting! Our whole grain breads, made from scratch here at Great Harvest in Bozeman, Montana, will be gracing many tables this season. Butter is one of the many spreads that will be accompanying our bread. We would like to tell you about a little known tradition called "butter sculpting."

The History of Butter Sculpting

Butter sculptures were often shaped like animals, people, buildings and other objects. You could find them at state fairs in the U.S. The earliest documented butter sculptures were from Europe in 1536, where they were used on banquet tables. Some of today’s butter sculpting can be seen on banquet tables in four-star hotels.

Butter Lamb

The butter lamb, is a traditional butter sculpture made specifically for the Easter meal of Russian, Slovenian, and Polish Catholics. Butter is shaped into a lamb either by sculpting or in a lamb-shaped mould. The butter lamb is a symbol of spring and was decorated with peppercorns for the eyes. 

Easter Bunny Butter

Here is a butter sculpture that will not only look cute on your holiday table, but will give your dinner rolls a sweet, nutty, buttery taste.Ingredients:
1 pound butter
1/8 cup honey
1/4 cup creamy peanut butter
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Cut the butter into chunks using a dough scraper or rubber spatula. Beat the butter until creamy, then add honey, peanut butter, cinnamon and vanilla. Beat until thoroughly combined. Spoon this mix onto parchment paper or plastic wrap. Roll into a football shape and refrigerate for 2 hours. Remove the butter ball from the fridge and using spoons, knives and other tools, sculpt your butter into an Easter Bunny.

Don't forget to buy Great Harvest bread for your Easter table. We mill our whole grain flour every day! So you can be sure it is the best bread in Bozeman, Montana. You can contact us at (406) 582-8369.
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