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Tasty Running Fuel

It is well know among runners that the delicious aroma of a white loaf of bread cooking in the oven can be hard to resist as you run past the bakery in the morning, however the same does not apply to whole grain bread in Bozeman from Great Harvest Bozeman - there's no resisting!

Fresh and Filling

Using grains that we milled ourselves this morning, there can be doubt to the quality of our range of breads. With no unnecessary or hidden ingredients, a few slices with some light ingredients can be the perfect way to fuel your body after a run.

On the Run

While you might not be able to pop a loaf of our bread in your waist belt for those long runs, you can grab one of our delicious power bars or bridger bars to snack on when the carbohydrates from your last nights dinner have all burned off. Easy on the stomach with only natural ingredients inside, you are onto a winner!

Tasty Treats

If you are feeling like a tasty treat to reward yourself for a great week of running, it's not just bread for your toast and sandwiches that we have at Great Harvest Bozeman, you can also enjoy a post run cinnamon swirl in the knowledge that cinnamon is a tasty fat burners. Or what about honey whole wheat bread topped with a banana, great recovery fuel food that your muscles will be thanking you for it the next day.

Make Your Next Running Destination Towards Fresh Bread in Bozeman

If you want to try one of these, or the many other delicious breads we have on offer, then pop on your running shoes and head down to see us at Great Harvest Bozeman. You can call on (406)-582-8369 to check we have your favorite bread in the oven
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