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Keep Your Kids Bellies Full When They Need It

Your kids are great at many things, in particular, creating adventures. While there isn’t much you can do to make sure your child isn’t getting dirty in the mud, there are ways that you can easily keep their bellies full and their energy levels high so that when they do fall over in the mud, they’re ready to get back up and...fall again? Take a look at these great and simple lunch ideas from Great Harvest Bozeman to keep your kids active this weekend.
  • A simple gourmet sandwich

Just because they’re kids doesn’t mean that they don’t like tasty sandwiches. Spark up a classic with slices of honey leg ham, swiss cheese, spinach leaves and a slice of tomato. Top it off with a small spread of mustard and your kids just became the envy of his friends.
  • A delicious protein filled sandwich

Everybody loves chicken, especially your kids, so why not utilize it to sneak in some healthy ingredients. Start with some shredded chicken mixed together with a some light mayonnaise and cranberries or sultanas. Now that the flavor has taken over, sneak some brussel sprouts and shredded carrot into the sandwich to give it texture, but not too much of a healthy taste.
  • Parents’ time

Did you think we would forget about you? We have something special for your stomach. Starting with a freshly baked slices of Farmhouse white-bread add slices of Turkey, crispy bacon, tomato, cucumber, spring onion, dried cranberries finished with a healthy drizzle of honey mustard sauce.

Fresh Bread in Bozeman

Now that your taste buds are tingling it’s time to get into action and satisfy your stomach. If you have reached the kitchen and found it a little lacking, luckily Great Harvest Bozeman has you covered. Give us a call on 406 582 8369 and ask about our delicious range of gourmet sandwiches available with fresh bread in Bozeman.
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