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Summer is just around the corner and grilling a burger while enjoying the nice weather with your friends and family is one of the activities you can't miss. For this reason at Great Harvest in Bozeman, we created the following post containing useful advice on making the perfect burger. 

Creating the Perfect Patties

Choose quality meat to prepare delicious hamburgers and ground sirloin or round are excellent choices. Make sure that the meat should contain around 20-25% of fat, which will make your burger juicier. Remember that you should never overwork the patties, try instead to lightly shape them and keep them cold before grilling. 


Check the condition of your grill before using it and don’t forget to keep the temperature steady. Once you place your patty, don’t use a spatula to press it, otherwise you will remove it juices. Keep in mind that a thermometer is a simple but effective way to find out when your burger is done. 

Choosing the Toppings

There’s nothing wrong with the traditional onion, mayo, ketchup and mustard. However, you can also add the toppings you want and you should really try new flavors and ingredients. Keep in mind that you can use sweet and savory notes in your burger will make it even more delicious. 

These simple but effective ideas are relatively easy to overlook but they can help you preparing the perfect burger that your guest will love. Remember that a great dessert is the perfect way to finish that delicious meal, so be sure to read this previous post containing a simple recipe to prepare strawberry shortcake.  

For Bread in Bozeman

Remember that at Great Harvest, we have seasonal bread and sweets that you and your family will love. Plus, we only use fresh and quality ingredients to make our products healthy and delicious. These are just some of the reasons to choose us next time you are looking for the best bread in Bozeman. Call (406) 582-8369 to learn more about our menu.
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