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 Jam can be the perfect option for a breakfast, snack or treat! It’s healthy, yummy, and easy to spread on a toast and munch on. Not only that, but it’s not complicated to make a big batch that can last you a long time!
So, if you want to make your own jam from your favorite fruit, this post by Great Harvest in Bozeman will teach you how!
How to Make Your Own Fruit Jam

Gather the Ingredients

8 cups of fruit
4 cups of organic cane sugar
¼ cup of lemon juice
Pectin (as instructed in the package)

Prepare Your Fruit

Make sure to wash the fruit well, peel it (if necessary) and chop it down to smaller pieces. Then, take a potato masher and start crushing it until you get to the desired consistency.

Start Mixing

Now that you’re left with a thick substance, you’ll need to start adding up the rest of the ingredients! Make sure to mix it all well, so the jam is homogeneous in flavor and density.

Cook it Well

Put your mixture in a pot and heat it up at a medium intensity. Always be stirring to avoid it from sticking! About 5 minutes in, increase the heat until you see thicker bubbles forming.

Take a Bit

Be careful with this step! Grab a spoon and cautiously taste the jam to make sure you like the result. It’ll be boiling hot, so let it cool a bit. If you feel like something is missing, add it up!

Let it Cool

Now all you need to do now is wait for it to cool! After that, you can store it on jars, give it away as a gift, put some in the freezer to conserve it, or make a well-deserved toast with it.

Get Some Delicious Bread in Bozeman

Do you know what can make your fruit jam even better? Spreading it on a delicious toast! Here at Great Harvest, we have a varied selection of the tastiest bread in Bozeman. So, come down and enjoy!
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