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What Do We Put in Our Delicious High 5 Fiber Bread?

If you've been looking at our delicious range of breads and have come across the always tasty High 5 Fiber bread, you've likely wondered why it includes so many seeds. If you're new to the benefits of seeds, Great Harvest Bozeman has some information to share on what makes our High 5 Fiber bread so delicious and healthy.


If you're looking for a way to include healthy fats, antioxidants, and fiber into a delicious bread then you're looking for flaxseeds. From the flax plant, the consumption of flaxseeds has been linked to such health benefits of lowering cholesterol and improving blood sugar levels.

Sunflower Seeds

Vitamin E and Folate make up two of the greatest benefits linked with Sunflower seeds, working to promote a higher level of cardiovascular health. Added to the mood lifting benefits that can often be seen linked with the magnesium inside this powerful seed, sunflower seeds are often seen as one of the most healthiest of seeds.


If you've ever tasted our High 5 Fiber bread then you have no doubt enjoyed the slight sweetness that it brings, and wondered how it comes about. With the inclusion on honey as we bake, this well known delicious spread works to add just the right amount of sweetness to an already delicious bread. Alongside its taste, honey can also be used as a powerful allergen reliever, whereas it is often used to reduce seasonal allergies.

Not Only Fresh and Delicious, but Healthy Bread in Bozeman

If reading the above has your mouth watering and your brain ready for a boost in your health, we don't blame you! Head on in or give Great Harvest Bozeman a call at (406) 582-8369 and get your loaf of High 5 Fiber Bread.
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